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At Web Packaging Solutions LLC, we have grown and broadened our presence in flexible packaging and industrial packaging products across North America. Our product range includes Aluminum Foil (lighter gauge to heavy gauge in different choices of alloys), varieties of films like Polyester Film, Polypropylene film, Nylon film, high barrier film, stretch, shrink films, etc. All our products are manufactured in the world's most competitive regions using the latest high throughput lines, delivering superior quality products.

We take pride in bringing to our customers the "Best of Both Worlds" experience – cost-competitive, quality products from the other side of the globe to customers in North America with just-in-time deliveries backed up with domestic services like local sales/delivery terms and attractive terms. Our customers have richly benefited from our following services:

New Product Development

WPS offers tailor made flexible packaging options

WPS acts as an excellent sourcing office and provides tailor-made solutions to customer's needs. Several innovative products have been developed to cater to the needs of specific customers.

Convenient Terms

WPS; Order flexible packaging materials with convenient payment methods

Our customers qualify for necessary credit insurance and thus enjoy extended payment terms from us. The convenient payment terms allow customers to plan their cash flow very well.


WPS Warehouse; for flexible and hybrid packaging materials and products

Our warehouses are strategically located to allow clients to draw materials quickly. We also offer material on a "consignment stock" program that enables clients to match their production schedules.

Slitting Equipment

WPS; Slitting equipments for customizing flexible packaging materials

Our high-speed slitting machines offer good roll formation and can handle a wide range of slit widths to match our customer's needs.

Market intelligence

Rich global experience

Our rich global experience of over three decades in the packaging industry, having witnessed multiple business cycles and strong relationships with plants abroad, allows us to help customers make well-informed and data-based decisions.

One key value we bring on board is to develop tailor-made products for customers that set them apart from the competition in their space. Our highly qualified engineers and experienced business managers based in China and India work with our Product Development team to develop products at a competitive cost and time-bound manner. Contact us today to see what services we can offer you.