WPS Aluminum film; Flexible aluminum foil for packing such as lamination, food, pharma, and industrial packaging

Aluminum Foil

WPS Foil is suitable for lamination, food, and pharmaceutical packaging purposes. We offer the thickness range of foil from 5.5 microns to 125 microns in combination with different choices of alloys from 1000 series, 3000 series, and 8000 series. The manufacturing process considers that the foil needs to be plain, free from streaks, unevenness, and wrinkles, with no visible scratches/hair lines naked by the eye, and no defects like cracks, rust residuals, oil spots, oxidation, stains, color difference, etc. The foil complies with FDA EU regulations for food packaging application. We welcome you to review our product brochures and the list of products to explore our wide range of offerings.