WPS BOPET film; Ultra thin, transparent and opaque plastic packaging film for flexible packaging of food and other products


WPS offers a wide range of BOPET films in thickness ranging from 8mic (32ga) to 350mic (14mil). The product range includes clear/transparent film, ultra-clear film, coated (one or both sides), metalized film, milky white film, and white opaque film for motor insulation applications. Packaging-grade film complies with USFDA and EU guidelines for direct food contact applications. Metalized film product range includes low to high optical density for high barrier applications, etc. WPS offers films in widths ranging from narrow slit widths to wider widths besides bigger OD rolls. Mills manufacturing BOPET Films are vertically integrated in-house, from resin to coated and holographic films. We welcome you to review our product brochures and the list of products to explore our wide range of offerings.