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In today's near-recession economic environment, most Companies will need to cut costs, streamline operations, and outsource business processes. As a result, many skilled and competent managers are often let go for various reasons, Opportunities for such managers are shrinking as companies prioritize cost and the availability of a younger workforce ready to embrace technology and mobility at a lower cost.

Our move

Recognizing this challenge, we developed a unique strategy to support managers with flexible packaging experience by allowing them to become entrepreneurs. Through a comprehensive screening process, we identified managers with valuable skill sets and provided them with a platform to operate as Independent Sales Representatives (ISRs).

This empowers them to leverage their skills, connections, and industry knowledge to develop business for WPS. By embracing entrepreneurship, these managers gain independence, the flexibility to work on their schedules, and the ability to keep costs low while being rewarded based on their efforts and results. WPS trains and integrates these professionals into its culture, protects their interests through formal agreements, provides access to resources, offers training on the entire product range, assigns dedicated customer service resources, and grants them access to the company's ERP system. WPS ensures that its costs remain variable and proportional to the revenue generated by each ISR.


Over the years, WPS has successfully formed a widespread network of ISRs spanning the continent from coast to coast. The relationship between WPS and its ISRs has been mutually beneficial. WPS has been able to leverage these entrepreneurs' collective knowledge and wisdom. In contrast, the ISRs, having transitioned from employees to entrepreneurs, have found fulfillment and success in their newfound roles. WPS believes that the "entrepreneur" mindset is the backbone of any economy. The company takes pride in nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs, acknowledging their pivotal role in driving economic growth. WPS successfully developed 3 new ISRs/entrepreneurs to promote our products during this period.

End note

By connecting customers with a network of experienced and entrepreneurial Independent Sales Reps, WPS delivers exceptional value and ensures personalized service and tailored solutions, fostering strong and lasting customer relationships. This initiative reflects our unwavering dedication to fostering opportunities and driving success.


Company A's Boston location has grown revenue by 4x in two months. They have reduced their product failure rate by 75%, resulting in an increased saving of US $45 per ton - an industry benchmark. And this is just a start.

Empowering Managers through Entrepreneurship

Our response went beyond operational enhancements. Recognizing that experienced managers possess a wealth of knowledge, leadership skills, and industry insights, we devised a unique approach. We empowered these managers to become entrepreneurs within the organization. Through specialized training, mentorship programs, and access to resources, we encouraged them to take ownership of their roles, innovate, and drive their initiatives. This transformation revitalized their careers and brought fresh perspectives to Company A's operations.

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