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Sridhar Srinivasan, President and CEO, WPS

The recent initiation of an investigation by the Indian government into Chinese-origin foils marks a substantial shift in the packaging sector. Let's delve into the implications and how this shift is poised to reshape market dynamics.

Investigation Initiation

Starting March 21st, 2024, India's investigation targets Chinese foil imports sold below fair market value. The aim is to address unfair competition and strengthen domestic manufacturing.

Impact on Domestic Manufacturers

This investigation represents a pivotal moment for Indian Foil manufacturers. Domestic producers can now utilize their capacities more efficiently and profitably, fostering a more sustainable industry ecosystem. Moreover, new foil rerolling capacities in India in the last 18 – 24 months indicate the industry's commitment to meeting domestic demand and ensuring long-term supply stability besides being a prominent global player.

Shift in Supply Dynamics From a North American Perspective

In the medium to long term, international customers, including those in North America, may experience prices starting to rise.

This upward trend is coupled with better capacity utilization, potentially leading to tighter availability and allocation strategies by Indian manufacturers to maintain relationships with their customers. However, with improved prices, mills may be less susceptible to anti-dumping measures by offshore regions, paving the way for more stable and sustainable trade relations.

Unique value proposition from WPS

With 30 years of domain experience and expertise, Web Packaging Solutions (WPS) continues to be a reliable partner in navigating evolving market dynamics. Through well-established connections to various plants manufacturing high-quality products, WPS ensures supply consistency and keeps the supply chain well-lubricated.

With our presence in Asia, and a regional office based in India, WPS guarantees prompt market updates and reliable services for production, dispatch, and deliveries. We maintain safe stocks and ensure timely material delivery to mitigate stock shortages. We also offer customized solutions to augment customer manufacturing capacities and accommodate rising demand.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the future of the Indian foil industry appears promising. Expected additional capacities in India to service growing domestic demand, coupled with the installation of casters to manufacture base foil in-house, are steps towards establishing India as a long-term supply region for high-quality foils. These developments underscore the industry's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of global markets.

End Note

In conclusion, the Government of India's investigation into Chinese-origin foils marks a significant development in the flexible packaging industry. The investigation's impact is expected to be felt over the next few quarters as the industry adapts to the new dynamics.

As industry leaders, we must stay informed and proactive in navigating these changes. At WPS, we're committed to providing reliable support to our customers and ensuring their success in the ever-changing packaging industry.

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